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  • Vertical or Horizontal? Master-Slave or Abba-Son?


    Have you ever noticed that Jesus did not just say “Father,” but rather “Abba-Father?” The Hebrew word for “Abba-Father” is an affectionate term for addressing your Father used by a more mature child. It would be used by a child who was around 13 or 14 years of age and knew his or her father’s status, character and power.

    Written on Wednesday, 02 September 2015 19:48 in Blog DISQUS_COMMENTS_COUNT Read 11 times Read more...

KLM in Peru 2015

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Arthur is the author of a book titled Knowing and Experiencing God and is also currently working on several new titles. He and Cathy have co-authored a book: Grace and Faith Thoughts, and Arthur is a contributing author to the book Living Grace: how grace affects your whole life. There are also several teaching series available on CD, DVD and MP3 - All of the books and teaching series are available in our online store.

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Arthur's Book, Knowing and Experiencing God is now available in the kindle store for reading on your ereader (kindle & ipad via the kindle app only). We will be adding it to the iBook store, as well as the Barnes & Noble Nook store very soon.

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